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As the title suggests, this is my first journal entry. I don't really know why I'm making one, but here I am. I guess I could just tell you about my life? Or would that be boring? Not that it would matter, anyways, you aren't going to read this, now are you? :P Just warning you, if you are planning on reading this, prepare for a lot of little random "paragraphs."

Ummm, well it's spring break right now for me, and I've been sick; isn't that so stereotypical? Constant headaches, throwing up, and a high fever aren't very fun things. BUT! they did get me out of having to clean the whole house, like my sister had to. All by herself. Hah:) Oh the perks of being sick.

I'm growing out my fingernails. It's really infuriating. I mean, they look a lot better, but it feels like there's something under them, even though they're super clean!

Doing some college searches has really opened up my eyes to many different things. I can't wait to move out, although I'm terrified of how I'm going to adjust, considering I really hate being away from home for more than a couple weeks. I want to go to the same college as my boyfriend, that's for sure. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to pay for college yet. I'll probably end up searching big time for scholarships over the summer... I think I want to go into horticultural sciences, and be some sort of genetic engineer for wheat or something, but I also LOVE languages. So maybe a double major of Horticultural Sciences and Modern Languages? Or would it be that bad of an idea to get a general degree in business or economics plus a double major in modern languages? Or would it be an even worse idea to just get a degree in modern languages and join the military....? I don't know. And I'm not sure I can know until I'm in the moment, yeah? I can't wait to get out of this place and leave all the drama here behind. Make new friends and be more social. Become a better me. And hopefully have some more time to be artsy and creative. Oh, and I'll most likely NEED a job in college, so I'll be able to pay for art supplies more readily.

Okay, enough about college. I made some really lame melted crayon art to hang on my wall, just because I wanted something more to cram into my small room. Don't know how easily I'll be able to convince my parents to let me hang them up, but I want to. Maybe I'll just... do it anyways. They'll only care for a little while.

I should post more art on here. 'Tis the point of dA, no? I like looking through here and being inspired, but I never do anything about it. I guess I feel that I'm not good enough, but I think I might get a little better if I focused in on something and put some work into it. Yes, I do realize that that IS the right answer.

Oh, one more thing. I'm learning Italian right now. And German. Oh, languages :) I love 'em!

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The name is Ed. I'm 19, I'm currently attending university in the US.

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